Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 


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  • Paul Valentine (Friday, May 30 14 03:46 pm BST)

    Having just read the link to the Bristol Post (well done them), does Mr. Wolley believe that he needs another "Get out of jail card" by hiring this so called PR company. If fund's are limited to the
    NHS for nursing and such like then where has this blood money materialised from? ?

  • Grandad (Wednesday, April 09 14 05:37 am BST)

    Hello Lukey,two years today still feels like it was yesterday. Your Nan and me still think of you every day as we all do. Love you lots and you are always in our hearts. xxxxxxx.

  • Luke's Grandad (Friday, February 14 14 12:19 am GMT)

    What a fantastic achievement reaching over a 1000 signatures before all the parents meet with Sir Bruce Keogh on the 14th February. This just shows that people are concerned and supportive of these
    families let hope that your voices are heard and actions are acted apon accordingly.

  • elizabeth hevican (Friday, February 07 14 08:05 pm GMT)

    I canot belive what this man is saying dealt concerd about the doctor for baby deacon on 2april

  • Ruth (Thursday, January 30 14 01:07 pm GMT)

    Great site well done keep fighting the truth will come OUT

  • hev (Monday, January 27 14 02:39 pm GMT)

    I think its disgusting how the hospital treat our children. Ive had problems with them since my daughter was at young age.

  • Mandi Valentine (Saturday, January 25 14 06:03 pm GMT)

    Surgeons, doctors &nurses involved in Lukes 'CARE' should be sacked & prosecuted. PUBLIC INQUIRY. . AND WOOLLEYS HEAD ON A PLATTER! !
    Lukes nanny

  • Paul Valentine (Tuesday, January 14 14 05:29 pm GMT)

    My advice to any one is quite simple just read the care quality commission report this was carried out by an independent panel. Have a good read then hopefully this will help you to determine who is
    right or wrong! ! It always seems that it takes a tragedy to occur before people sit up and take notice, let's hope it stops here for everyone.


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed