Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 
Serious Incident Review (Damage limitation attempt)
Serious Review Luke Jenkins.docx
Microsoft Word document [7.7 MB]

The above document is a review of the Root cause analysis, attempting to discredit the findings and recommendations from the RCA. It was provided at the last moment to the coroner and our legal team in September 2013 even though it was completed in May 2013 with version 5 at the bottom of each page, what happened to the other versions? We highly dispute many of the findings of this document (just as the new leaked report sent to us by a whistleblower at the trust after the inquest has too). This serious incident review was commissioned by Mr Robert Woolley chief executive of the Bristol Children's Hospital, but we do wonder why it took so long after Luke's death (April 2012) for him to decide that it was needed, or did he feel it was convenient as the inquest was approaching and all the criticism that the hospital has received from other families, the Care Quality Commission and the negative media attention has put them in a bad light 


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed