Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 

We feel that Luke's inquest was compromised due to the hospital and their legal team witholding information that was relevant to Luke's care and treatment. This is not the only underhand tactics that they used. Whilst at the inquest Luke's mum was falsely accused by Deborah Lee the director of strategic development chief of University hospital Bristol NHS trust of handing over witness statements to a news reporter, this led to the coroner interrupting the court proceedings and having a private meeting to discuss the false claim, after this brief meeting the claim was dismissed, however it put extra strain on the family and caused more upset during an already difficult time. 

We have had the witness statements for a long period of time before the inquest and therefore if we were to share them with the press we could have done so well before the inquest started. Throughout the proceedings there were numerous members of the trust's staff including management who did not need to be there putting extra pressure on us along with the fact that many of the staff were likely to be needed at the hospital considering the CQC highlighted staffing issues previously. We also believe that the chief executive Mr Robert Woolley and Deborah Lee were present to keep an eye on the statements given by his staff which seemed to be quite intimidating 


With regards to Mr Woolley we have had a negative opinion of him from the start. We had arranged to meet with him after Luke's death and he cancelled just days before the meeting. He also was very critical of the CQC report accusing them of relying on our information to form their report, this is untrue as we merely contacted the CQC to inform them of our concerns and we then had no involvement until after the report was complete we had a meeting with them to discuss the outcomes. When the media have been involved with Mr Woolley he is always very quick to suggest he is willing to meet with us, sadly this has not been the case. We emailed Mr Woolley to discuss the serious review that was carried out by four managers within the trust to arrange a meeting with him regarding the serious review as we had no knowledge of it being carried out and only heard about it when it was submitted on the same day as a pre inquest hearing, despite the report being carried out in May 2013, and lo and behold his response by email was that he did not want to meet with us to discuss the report until after Luke's inquest. Not the impression he gives when speaking to the media saying he will meet with us.


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed