Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 

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This document is a page from the Root cause analysis into Luke's death published in June 2012. It relates to a section whereby the trust give an action plan to review the last 50 Cardiac deaths
Review of last 50 Cardiac Deaths.pdf
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We have put this on to highlight the fact that the Bristol Children's hospital have failed to carry this action plan as promised after Luke and Sean's death. Since Luke's death and the root cause analysis there have been further deaths at the hospital which greatly concern us as the hospital are giving the impression that all is fine and that many changes have taken place. We feel that we cannot rely on the hospital to be open and honest and carry out all of the changes that they promise have and will take place, we do not know what these changes entail.


We now feel the need for there to be a public inquiry into the hospital to establish what has gone wrong for Luke and all the other children who sadly lost their lives or have been affected by the hospital. We also want to make sure that the hospital is safe for future patients and their families and believe the only way is to have an independent inquiry.

We are releasing this recording as we believe it is in the public's interest to do so.


Since Luke's death we have had a constant battle and difficult time dealing with the trust. They have continued to back track over promises and also what they have originally told us of what happened to Luke. The recording took place during Luke's child death review meeting in November 2012. We did not intend to record this meeting in any malicious way and was simply to reflect on once we had an opportunity at home as the meeting was very emotional for us and hard to take it all in. From the start we have said that the hospital caused Luke's death but have faced denial after denial by management, and as you can see from this following statement from Mr Robert Woolley the chief executive of the trust that runs Bristol Children's hospital he paints a completely different picture of what actually happened to our Lukey.


Mr Woolley statement after Luke's inquest

"The evidence shows that Luke was cared for by the right people with the right skills, despite which he tragically died"


We are only publishing this for you to hear for yourself as we are annoyed and upset that the hospital continue to add to our distress and grief.


Over the following days there will be more clips added to show you that what we have said has been a true account of what has happened to Luke. 


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed