Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 


Lacey-Marie Poton died at the Bristol Children’s Hospital aged 4 months. She is now one of numerous children who have died after heart surgery at the hospital. The ambulance service involved have admitted errors in the care of Lacey-marie but as expected the hospital have given a statement after her inquest saying the coroner did not criticise the care they gave to her, however her parents are still looking for answers as to why she died and that they still believe the hospital failed Lacey-Marie.

There is also another inquest due next week into yet another death from heart surgery at the Bristol Children’s Hospital.


The following links are for media reports during and after Lacey-Marie’s inquest

New information update below!!


Click the document and recording below to see more lies from Bristol Children's hospital and how they were knowingly putting children's lives at risk including Sean and Luke and didn't seem bothered and would have NOT changed anything if we had not all spoken out

Transcript of Sean Turner Child death review giving the truth
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Audio recording of Sean Turner Child death review
admissions from hospital staff about low staffing and no high dependency
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NEW Further audio clip from Luke's child death review meeting. The coroner's officer was present throughout and listened to these admissions yet Luke's inquest verdict found no failings? Also none of these admissions or failings were provided by the hospital to the coroner and we can only assume that the coroner's officer did not relay the information to the coroner. The reason we were told the coroner's officer was present at Luke's child death review meeting was to gather facts and information in preperation for the inquest but seems to have been a wasted exercise. Please note the coroner's officer is also employed by the Avon and Somerset police and this raises further concerns over openness, transparency and honesty.

Sean Turner Child Death Review Meeting-


Another recording this time during Sean Turner's child death review meeting. Hospital staff admitting to Sean's parents that they had been misinforming other parents that their children were being treated in a high dependency unit/bed when they did not even have any high dependency beds. As sean's inquest concluded there were missed opportunities for him and he suffered a preventable cardiac arrest on ward 32 which is where families were told that they were on a high dependency unit/bed. This is very concerning as this could have had an effect on many other patients and put them at unnecessary risk just as the hospital did for Sean and Luke, along with the Care Quality Commission giving a warning regarding unsafe staffing levels how did the hospital think they would manage. Clearly taking these risks caused many patients to suffer. Totally unacceptable and gives rise to doubt anything else they be informing parents and patients of.

We are releasing this recording as we believe it is in the public's interest to do so.


Since Luke's death we have had a constant battle and difficult time dealing with the trust. They have continued to back track over promises and also what they have originally told us of what happened to Luke. The recording took place during Luke's child death review meeting in November 2012. We did not intend to record this meeting in any malicious way and was simply to reflect on once we had an opportunity at home as the meeting was very emotional for us and hard to take it all in. From the start we have said that the hospital caused Luke's death but have faced denial after denial by management, and as you can see from this following statement from Mr Robert Woolley the chief executive of the trust that runs Bristol Children's hospital he paints a completely different picture of what actually happened to our Lukey.


Mr Woolley statement after Luke's inquest

"The evidence shows that Luke was cared for by the right people with the right skills, despite which he tragically died"


We are only publishing this for you to hear for yourself as we are annoyed and upset that the hospital continue to add to our distress and grief.


Over the following days there will be more clips added to show you that what we have said has been a true account of what has happened to Luke. 

More admissions from the Bristol Childrens Hospital

This clip relates to the fact that the coroners verdict decided that  “Luke Jenkins died as a result of irreversible brain damage following a hypovolemic cardiorespiratory arrest caused by a sudden catastrophic haemorrhage into his chest a week after heart surgery.”  As you can hear from the clip the bleeding was not a sudden event and would only cause an unexpected cardiac arrest had it not been frank blood that Luke was losing. The whole team involved in Luke's child death review (over 30) agreed that Luke was bleeding throughout the whole week after his surgery. Conveniently during the inquest the witness statements and answers by hospital staff seemed to differ and change their minds and say that it was not blood that Luke was losing, but clear fluid that is expected in a fontan procedure. We did produce photographs of the blood in Luke's chest drains to the inquest but the experts, hospital witnesses and of course the hospital legal team disputed the pictures showed blood as the quality of the photographs was not good.


The clip also highlights a short part during the meeting when they confirm that Luke's deterioration was not recognised as confirmed in the root cause analysis, yet again during the inquest this admission was changed to Luke suffered a sudden catastrophic bleed.


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed