Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 


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  • Grandad & Nanny (Saturday, November 29 14 09:40 am GMT)

    Happy birthday Lukey 10 today, have a lovely day and try and catch some balloons later. Love and miss you lots.
    lots of love Grandad& Nanny xxxxxxxxxx

  • Paul Valentine (Wednesday, April 09 14 05:43 am BST)

    Good morning Luke, two years today still feels like yesterday. We all send our love to you and we are thinking of you everyday. You will always be in our hearts take care lovely boy, Nanny and
    Grandad xxxxxxx

  • Emma Joanne (Tuesday, February 25 14 12:40 am GMT)

    well ... I never knew Luke but it is clear that in his short life he was loved dearly by all his family and friends ... Rest in peace little man .. much love to the family and strength to persue
    justice for Luke xxx

  • Steve: Barry (Monday, February 10 14 11:25 am GMT)

    I sincerely hope that you get the justice that is deserved.

  • Mandi Valentine (Saturday, January 18 14 11:32 pm GMT)

    Hello sweatheart.... nanny misses you so very much, you have left a massive hole in our that will never heal. I promise we will get justice for you and all your little angel friends...
    hugs, tickles and nanny squidges....My brave soldier...Shine Bright xxxxxxx

  • Nanny&Grandad (Wednesday, December 25 13 12:48 pm GMT)

    Merry Xmas Luke
    Lots of love from your loving family

  • david gough (Friday, December 13 13 11:24 pm GMT)

    hi faye. dont know if you remember me from your childhood days? david gough katie goughs dad. i met your mum today and she told me of your sad and tragic loss. i have to say i had sophies little boy
    with me at the time and it really hit home very hard. as a father of six and a grampy of 12 my heart goes out to you and your family. we lost a child ourselves before kate was born. so we can have
    empathy for you. i am full of admiration for your bravery and courage . my best wishes and good luck to you and your family.

  • Melanie Drew (Thursday, November 21 13 09:42 pm GMT)

    God bless Luke such a beautiful boy gone to soon but the angels are looking after him now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Grandad, Nanny (Monday, November 11 13 10:14 pm GMT)

    Well Luke we are almost ready for your second charity night even though we are all going through this difficult time. We all love and miss you lots of love your loving family.xxxxxxx

  • Sally McGill (Monday, November 04 13 02:59 pm GMT)

    Luke,Your story i share the same as you and reading yours has bought back memories of my baby son Myles Cooke was born on 8/12/07 he too had HLHS and a few other problems as well.
    He had his first operation at 6 days old and did very well and he came home for the first time in the jan 08 after i was trained to be his nurse, But sadly on the 22/3/08 his lung collasped and he
    had to have 4 more operations on the heart as well as the 2nd stage operation which was a success but sadly the lungs had to many blood clots and i had to decide what was best for him, so i said no
    more operations and we were moved into a side room were family gathered and they switched off his ventilator and Myles passed away in my arms with his dad and sisters/brothers/nanny around him, Myles
    was 17 weeks old and he came home for just 8 weeks. The heartache and pain is as real as it is today as it was on that painful day he left us. Thank you for sharing your story God Bless Sally

  • Amy (Saturday, May 18 13 09:32 pm BST)

    i will never forget u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • (Sunday, April 14 13 12:13 pm BST)

    Well Luke its one year already we all miss you so much.Always thinking of you and always will. Lots of love from us all your loving family

  • katie williams (Thursday, January 31 13 04:39 pm GMT)

    luke was the boy that loved to come out the street with a massive smile on his face even if he had a bad day,he loved to have races with all the people out . SHINE BRIGHT LITTLE LUKE I will miss u so
    so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kasia (Saturday, December 01 12 10:43 pm GMT)

    What a wonderful family you are. It has been a privilege to read about how you cared for Luke in and out of hospital. I am so glad that Luke's name will live on helping other children.

  • Vicci Valentine (Saturday, December 01 12 08:41 pm GMT)

    Hope you enjoyed your special night gorgeous boy.. I'm sure you were watching down on us. We were all thinking of you the whole time. I hope you managed to catch all the kisses we sent up with your
    balloons! We all missed you on your birthday.. i hope you're having lots of fun with the other angels. Love you and miss you more everyday special boy <3 We'll be watching you shine bright **

  • jack hadley (Tuesday, October 30 12 11:02 pm GMT)

    luke is one of those boys that always has a smile on his face even if hes had a bad day luke is a massive inspiration to many people we will never foget you you will always be in my heart rest in

  • Abbie Jones (Tuesday, October 30 12 10:11 pm GMT)

    Luke was a boy who love to come out in the street with a massive smile on his face. If he wasn't smiling then nodought he would be laughing insted. Luke loved to play on his scooter and bike and have
    races with everyone that was out. Sleep tight Luke xxx

  • Nanny & Granddad (Saturday, October 13 12 11:09 pm BST)

    Well Luke we have just seen the christmas card you and katelyn made for Litte Hearts Matter, a work of art. Love you loads Nanny &

  • Mason (Wednesday, September 12 12 08:27 pm BST)

    I miss you very much

  • Mel (Tuesday, September 11 12 01:42 am BST)

    What a brave little soldier. We were on ward 32 on that fateful day with our daughter who has HRH. Luckily after 7 months as an inpatient she was able to come home having had her Glenn shunt. This
    makes us all realise who short precious life can be and to grab every opportunity with both hands. I wish your family well in the future, these children are truly inspirational. Rest in peace little

  • Yvonne Bailey (Monday, September 10 12 10:10 pm BST)

    Hey Luke, you have helped lots of other patients who might have suffered because of staff shortages, lack of training etc. You are an inspiration and a true warrior. Keep shining xx

  • Sophie Griffiths (Sunday, September 09 12 09:57 pm BST)

    hello gorgeous boy! missing you so much, so hard with you not around with us anymore.
    love you always
    sleep tight

  • mandi valentine (Saturday, September 08 12 11:26 pm BST)

    Hello my darling boy, we have just got back from our holidays we planned together... You were so looking forward to our trip, we missed you so so much, i'm sure you were with us in spirit. Love you
    always, nanny grandad, kate joel & miley xxxx

  • Adam Mark Fowler (Thursday, August 23 12 07:41 pm BST)

    Luke allways loved to come out the street to play on his bike and scooter.He was very happy and funny. I will allways remember you Luke xxxxxxx

  • Amy Fowler (Thursday, August 23 12 07:25 pm BST)

    i will always have memory for you

  • Susan Spencer (Wednesday, August 22 12 06:48 pm BST)

    An amazing little man and a beautiful website which has been an honour to read. Fly High Luke and light up the sky at night alongside the other shining stars. Thinking of you all xxxx

  • Vicci Valentine (Monday, August 20 12 10:53 pm BST)

    Your garden is looking lovely and colourful gorgeous boy! I miss you so much, words can't explain. I hope you're having fun playing up there, smiling that beautiful smile. love you millions, Auntie
    Vicci <3 xxxxxx

  • katie williams (Thursday, August 16 12 06:01 pm BST)

    always thinking of you, shine bright little Luke xxxxx

  • josh tanner (Tuesday, August 14 12 10:10 pm BST)

    luke was a boy who always came out in street to play with the worlds biggest smile on his face. luke always wanted you to do one thing when he came out in the street, it was to push him around on his
    scooter and when he didnt want 2 go round on his scooter he always wanted me to carry him around on either my back or in my arms. luke could make you laugh anytime of the day. luke mate u will be

  • Tracy Wheeler (Tuesday, July 31 12 10:04 pm BST)

    I'm really saddened to hear of Luke's passing. My daughter Sophie was also born in November 2004 & spent time in Heulwen & Ocean ward at the same time as Luke. She underwent open heart
    surgery at Great Ormond Street & is now doing well. My thoughts are with you & your family.xx

  • mandi valentine (Friday, June 29 12 12:10 am BST)

    Hello my darling boy, Nanny misses you so, so much, sending lots of love and kisses up to you, love you forever baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gemma Jones (Thursday, June 21 12 11:09 pm BST)

    Awww Luke, it's breaks my heart that you had to leave so early in life. You always had the biggest smile on your face. I remember you tugging on your mum's arm to hurry up if she was chatting lol :-)
    Conrad talks about you lot's and misses you loads. Faye and Steve fantastic website both xxxx

  • Claire Lines (Wednesday, June 20 12 10:25 am BST)

    Lovely website Stevie and Faye. A lovely tribute to an amazing little boy. Always in our thoughts xx

  • Claire Morris (Monday, June 18 12 08:35 pm BST)

    A beautiful site Stevie and Faye - A wonderful tribute to a brave little boy who's memory will always live on through his loving and dedicated family. xxx

  • mrs edwards (Saturday, June 16 12 10:18 pm BST)

    what an inspirational young man, who is always missed in forest school,how i remember that nothing stopped this young man from enjoying life to the max, goodnite godbless always in my thoughts xxx

  • Debs (Saturday, June 16 12 05:52 pm BST)

    Brave and gorgeous little boy who touched the hearts and lives of many xxx

  • Anne Marie Ferris (Thursday, June 14 12 11:26 pm BST)

    Lovely site Faye & Stevie. It's amazing! My love to you both and thinking of you always x R.I.P special boy, I know your mummy and Daddy but never met you but I know how brave you were and how
    loved you are x x x x

  • katelyn jenkins (Thursday, June 14 12 10:04 pm BST)

    hello luke, hope u liked the picture i made for you love u lots from katelyn xxxxxxx

  • Vicci Valentine (Thursday, June 14 12 02:31 pm BST)

    Our gorgeous Lukey boy! You made us so very proud & left us with amazingly happy memories! We all love & miss you every single day & always will! Love you so many millions, Auntie Vicci

  • Paul Valentine (Tuesday, June 12 12 08:26 pm BST)

    Well hello my Lukenie,its Pauletta!! Missing you in tickle jail (lol)Thinking of you everyday as its the only way to get through this sadness.Lots of love Grandad,xxx

  • Yolanda Turner (Tuesday, June 12 12 10:35 am BST)

    Sadly we didn't know Luke as we have only met since tragically losing our precious boys. This is going to be a truly inspirational site dedicated to a brave and special boy. I hope we can be comfort
    to each other and also in knowing Luke and Sean are together. Love and big hugs to you all Yolanda and Steve xx

  • louise (Monday, June 11 12 11:34 pm BST)

    Luke was such a lovely little boy always smiling. Never be 4gotten. Always in our hearts. Sleep tight little soldier xxxxx

  • Sophie Griffiths (Monday, June 11 12 11:31 pm BST)

    Miss you more and more each day<3. Your always on my mind precious boy. Sleep tight beautiful, love you xxxxxx

  • Linda El Bzioui (Monday, June 11 12 11:13 pm BST)

    What a lovely idea this is! A beautiful site where all who loved him can leave him little messages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • mandi valentine (Monday, June 11 12 11:06 pm BST)

    Hello gorgeous boy, we miss you so so much, you filled our lives with so much love and joy. We will always carry you in our hearts forever. Sleep tight nanny's little soldier xxxxxxxxxxxxx


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed