Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 

Luke was such a special boy who's memory will live on by those who knew and loved him. He was the bravest boy we all knew and were so proud he was ours. Luke was always smiling, so happy and full of life. He never let anything stand in his way, with his gorgeous cheeky smile, mischievous ways and amazing personality, he truly touched our lives. He was very thoughtful, kind, and always thinking of others. Along the way he overcome many hurdles with his determination, especially when he was paralysed in 2009 from a cardiac catheter and doctors were not hopeful that he would walk again, but he sure did!

Luke was such a little fighter and amazed everyone that knew him, he never complained about any medicines he had to take, hospital appointments, and even surgery, he understood it all. Even after operations he just wanted to get on with life and go and play, he was and still is truly inspirational.

Luke loved animals and was very kind and gentle with them. His favourite colour was blue and he wanted everything from shoes, clothes and balls all in blue. His favourite food was lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, and a roast dinner. He enjoyed helping to cook and would always have lots of questions whilst doing so. In school he attended cooking club and loved making lots of exciting things. He could also be a little monkey but you always managed to find the funny side of it. One day him and his brother Joel painted themselves in blue paint, another day they decided to put sudocrem over each other. Luke always enjoyed learning from his big sister Katelyn, she would teach him and in turn he would try to show his little sister Miley.

He had the most amazing bright blue eyes and his hair and skin were so soft, with a very contagious laugh. Although Luke was only seven he was very intelligent and seemed to have the mind of an older person. Among his many interests he had a favourite and that was watching hospital programmes and learning about operations, it all fascinated him as he wanted to be a doctor and an ambulance driver to help other people like him. His cardiologist from Cardiff Dr Uzun invited Luke to take part in a medical day where trainee doctors had to attempt to diagnose his condition, he had great fun taking part playing doctors and even got paid £30 pocket money for his troubles.

Recently he became very interested in dinosaurs and enjoyed reading and learning about them. He visited the museum numerous times to see the dinosaurs and also went to see them in Wookey Hole Caves just before he went into hospital in March 2012. Meerkats were another favourite of his, he visited them in Bristol Zoo and got up close to them and took lots of photos. Luke was extremely good at art, he loved drawing, colouring and painting models and also building and creating with lego. There was always a bouncy ball around the house that he loved to bounce really high up to the ceiling. Whenever we were in the car he would ask for songs to be put on as he loved music and always wanted to learn to play the guitar.

Lukey was one in a million and will always be dearly missed. We will never ever forget him and he will be in our thoughts and hearts forever.

Letter from Luke's cardiologist Dr Uzun


There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed