Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 

(Nov 2016 update)                                     Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman damning report into Luke's care at Bristol Children's Hospital which vindicates his parents will be uploaded shortly

After two years of waiting the review into cardiac services is finally near completion and is due to be published on the 30th of June 2016. This report is looking into the cardiac service as a whole for children who used the services at the Bristol children's hospital. There are also some cases including Luke's for who the review panel have looked into the individual care of each patient. At present we do not know any details of what the report is likely to say but we hope along with all the other parents whose children have been affected that we get the answers we so deserve. Recently there have been some news articles with interviews from the trust which has put even more suspicion and doubt about the whole process, this is based on the way we have been treated by the trust in the past when handling our complaint about Luke's care and also the tactics used by the trust and their solicitors at Luke's inquest. This led to a warning letter to the trust and their solicitors about witholding evidence from an inquest, we will upload the letter received from the coroner informing us that the hospital were warned for future coroners inquests shortly. Although this was just a slap on the wrists from our point of view we hope that any inquests that are further held involving University Hospital Bristol NHS Trust that the warning causes the disgraceful behaviour from happening again.


Along with the Bristol cardiac review there has been an investigation by the parliamentary health ombudsman looking into Luke's care at the hospital. It has been a very frustrating time as these processes have taken over 2 years. We are currently awaiting the final report which should be here in a few weeks which will be interesting for us to compare to what they find in comparison to the Bristol review into Luke's individual care. All we have ever wanted is to get the truth spoken and not be accused as only anxious grieving parents (which we have previously by hospital staff) with some kind of vendetta against the hospital as we have previously praised some of the care that we have received. Once the reports become available we are hopeful that the information that is discovered will show that our concerns were genuine and found to be truthful and that the trust and management accept responsibility for any failings for all families involved. We will also publish the PHSO report into Luke's care onto this website in full.


Please keep an eye on the website as in the next few weeks there will be plenty of media coverage and further information once we know the outcome of the review. We will also publish ALL details relating to Luke's care that has been investigated by the Bristol review along with the outcome of the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman report that is also due to be finalised in the next few weeks.


A link to the recent articles is below for you to look at, although some of the links from the Bristol post are conveniently not working at present


Deborah Lee the deputy chief executive of the trust in charge of Bristol children's hospital seems to be conveniently leaving her post just before the report is due to be published and is taking up a new role as a chief executive at another hospital. This is really concerning considering she oversaw the cardiac services at the hospital and as yet is supposedly unaware of what the report will contain (although we have our suspicions that they have been privy to the report before any parents) and frankly is an irresponsible move, it seems that this is the culture of management within the NHS when things go wrong they move to another trust and play dumb to the failings that happened whilst they were in charge, believing they will get away without any consequences, however we will be doing everything that we can to make sure everyone is held to account for any failings that they were directly or indirectly involved in.



Another baby failed by Bristol Children's Hospital - June 2016

Another baby has been failed by the Bristol Children's Hospital and sadly passed away increasing the number of unecessary deaths. Ben Condon was failed by the hospital and as you will see in the links below by media coverage the trust have continued to use their disgusting tactics in trying to cover up and lie about failing him. The hospital staff were caught discussing deleting conversations held between them and Ben's family confirming that they failed Ben only because his family were recording the meeting being held and not because they owned up to any failings. We have experienced similar behaviour where the trust staff have backtracked on what they had said and we also have recordings available but the trust refuse to comment on them. This recent case shows that the trust continue to deny that they have problems and treat families poorly when they have suffered an unexpected bereavement. Please keep an eye as currently Ben's inquest is underway (21/6/16) and we hope the coroner highlights the failings that the trust caused allowing Ben's family to get the truth revealed.

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This website is dedicated to and in loving memory of Luke Paul Jenkins.

Sadly Luke passed away aged 7 on 09.04.2012 in Bristol Children's Hospital following his open heart surgery (fontan). Luke had many operations in his short lifetime but bravely fought through each one. Throughout the site there are stories and pictures that detail Luke's life through the good and bad times.

In the 'about Luke' section there are descriptions of all the medical procedures that Luke underwent, along with details of family members, school and holidays. 

Lukey was always fascinated by medical documentaries and dramas especially Holby City and Casualty. He wanted to be a doctor when he grew up to help children just like him, and we therefore hope that this site can raise awareness for congenital heart disease and also the many children and families that have to be so brave and face difficult times in hospital.  


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There will be upcoming media coverage surrounding the outcome of the Bristol Cardiac review along with Luke's PHSO report so please return to the website where you will be able to view the reports in full once they are publsihed